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Create a delicious New Year’s Champagne cocktail for your guests – the perfect tipple for your midnight toast!


Champagne Cocktail


6ml of Cognac

5ml Cointreau

5ml Grand Marnier

Angostura bitters

1 sugar cube


Soak the sugar cube with Angostura bitters.

Add Cognac, Cointreau and Grand Marnier and mix gently.

Top up with Champagne, garnish with fresh orange peel….and enjoy!


Happy New Year from us all at L’Ortolan. We look forward to seeing you in 2015.


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We are very excited to introduce Charles Heidsieck as our new house Champagne.  Chosen for its individuality, exclusivity and downright deliciousness we look forward to sharing this wonderful Champagne with our guests here at L’Ortolan.

Charles Heidsieck Logo

Charles Heidsieck was founded in 1851 by the legendary Champagne Charlie himself. Charles was a dashing figure in Champagne, known as stylish gentleman and dandy who travelled extensively selling his Champagnes to the royal courts of Europe and American high society. He famously invested in the underground cathedral-like chalk cellars under Reims, originally dug out by the Romans 2000 years ago. The cellars are a unique place to age the Champagnes (only five Champagne houses today own original Roman cellars) as they remain an ideal 10ºC throughout the year and have a perfect levels of humidity, silence and stillness. They are still used today to house all the Charles Heidsieck Champagnes as they age.



Today the Charles Heidsieck Champagnes are recognised by industry experts as some of the very best to come from Champagne and win countless awards and accolades. The winemaker Thierry Roset places great importance on the reserve wines used in the production of the non-vintage blends. The Brut Réserve contains 40% reserve wines with an astonishing average age of 10 years, and is aged a minimum of 36 months in the Roman cellars. It is a Champagne with wonderful richness, complexity and balance.

sea of bottles


In 2013 the Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve was named the number one non-vintage champagne in the world, by FINE Champagne magazine. The wine was awarded the International Wine Challenge Trophy for non-vintage champagne, the Best in Show Award from the Sommelier Wine Awards (as well as Gold and Critic’s Choice), and was the only non-vintage champagne to be awarded a Master Medal in The Drinks Business Masters.


Enjoy a chilled glass of Charles Heidsieck Brut N.V. with our celebration Champagne Lunch offer…

Champagne Lunch

Three course lunch with Chef’s appetiser and pre-dessert and a glass of Charles Heidsieck Champagne.
£39 per person

Tuesday – Saturday lunchtimes from 1st May

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Laurent Perrier Champagne Lunch

Laurent Perrier is undoubtedly one of the most famous Champagne houses in the world, guaranteeing quality, style and luxury with every bottle. Founded in 1812, Laurent Perrier has been creating unique and elegant Champagne for nearly two hundred years and continues to be recognised for its creative approach to winemaking. During the 1950’s Laurent Perrier introduced the use of stainless steel tanks, preserving the freshness of the wine and the complexity of its aromas. This was instrumental in the creating the recognised house style of freshness, finesse and elegance.

The Laurent Perrier Brut has become famous in its own right. With its composition marked by a high percentage of chardonnay, the Brut offers the freshness and elegance that is constantly sought by the Laurent Perrier House. The Brut’s remarkable balance means it can pair with the most delicate of foods, while the combination of lightness and purity, mixed with its white fruit notes and subtle bubbles all come together to make it the perfect aperitif.

Join us in October and November as we celebrate the Laurent Perrier Champagne house with a delicious three course Champagne lunch with Chef’s appetiser and pre-dessert and a glass of Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne.


Laurent Perrier Champagne Lunch

Chef’s appetiser


Blue cheese mousse, pear compote, dried grapes

Confit salmon, compressed apple, beetroot


Wood pigeon, watercress, apple, walnut

Loin of pork, onion & garlic, caramelised apple purée

Fillet of bream, confit tomato, fennel, olive tapenade


Breast of partridge, confit leg, chestnut, cider fondant

Chef’s pre-dessert

Coffee macaroon, Amaretto mousse, white coffee ice cream, orange Grue de Cacao

Treacle tart, almond & fennel granola, poached cherries, almond ice cream

A selection of British cheeses from the trolley, homemade raisin bread & biscuits
(Or as an additional course £9.90 supplement)

Available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes until 30th November. Max 6 people per booking, please quote ‘Champagne Lunch’ when booking.


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Pommery Champagne

We take a look into the history behind the prestigious French Champagne House and how the Pommery Brut Champagne became so popular…

Champagne Pommery is a French Champagne house founded in Reims by Alexander Pommery and Narcisse Greno in 1858. After Alexander’s death in 1960, Madame Pommery dedicated the business to Champagne production and began producing a sparkling white champagne instead of the classic, still red wine of the period. Her innovative crisp, dry style of “brut” champagne propelled the Champagne house into unimaginable heights, becoming one of the largest Champagne brands in the region.

Following from her success Mrs Pommery built ‘The Grand Castle’ in 1868 – The estate features a 308 acre vineyard of exceptional Grand Cru sites and 18 kilometres of cellars and chalk pits where Madame Pommery stored and aged over twenty million bottles of her innovative Champagne. Many other Champagne houses later followed suit.

Famed for being the creators of the ever popular Brut Champagne, the Pommery house still attracts more than 120,000 visitors from all around the world every year. Now owned by the Vranken company, the Pommery brand continues to maintain the house’s image of modernity and extravagance, being the only Champagne House to offer specific blends for different seasons – highlighting individual characteristics of each of their prestigious wines.

The Pommery style has perpetuated year after year; elegant but ever discreet aromas, freshness and liveliness on the palate with a long and supple finish, a light but fresh composition. Pommery is one of our most popular house Champagnes at L’Ortolan, offering a wide range of Champagne blends including the Pommery Dry Elixir which is only available at L’Ortolan in the UK.


Celebrate Spring in style with our Seasonal Pommery Champagne offers…

Pommery Champagne Lunch

Three courses and a glass of Pommery Champagne.
£39 per person

Lunch only, must be pre-booked

Pommery Champagne Dinner

Six courses and a glass of Pommery Champagne.
£59 per person

Available Tuesday to Thursday dinner, must be pre-booked

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